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Learning Model

Learning Model

I talked about building a model of the way you learn in a post I put up recently. It’s very important to understand the way you learn so that you can have an easier time doing so in the future.

While I get no help from people explaining how things work or giving examples, I do find that some people do need this. For that reason, I feel that it’s probably best for me to give an explanation of the way my own mind works.

I learn by doing.

This has caused me to lose. A lot. But, It’s also helped me gain a deeper understanding of the way in which my mind works. It helps me retain information. It also helps me when I’m not able to think. When I don’t have time to.

With that being said, for me to be able to learn something I need to physically participate in the activity. I need to immerse myself in the process of solving a problem.

*Notice that I didn’t say that I tackle problems without help. Or that I don’t seek counsel from older or just wiser individuals; because I do.

The first step to my learning how to solve a problem involves my tackling it head on. If it’s a math problem, this means that I have to go and see if I can solve it. I look at all of the necessary information and try to interpret the problem itself. This allows me to get a feel for the issue I’m trying to solve and acts as a crash course for all of the information that I need to solve to first solve the problem.

Next, I take a break. I allow my mind to wander and think about other things. This gives my brain a bit of a breather and ensures that I don’t keep the headache that I usually get from forcing information into my mind.

I find that those rest periods are necessary for the brain to make sense of all of the information that it’s being fed.

Last (yes, there are only 3 steps) I tackle the problem again. I do this until I finally figure out what it is I sought to figure out. It’s that simple.

Last last step, repeat the process until you get it!

Not just a thought.


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