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Google is your best friend

Google is your best friend

It’s funny, I used to hate it when people would tell me I asked stupid questions. While I don’t think any question is stupid, I do understand why they said it to me.

Google is a resource. The internet itself is a valuable resource. It’s creation is something that has bettered the lives of the many individuals who have the chance to come into contact with it.

*by saying this, I’m implying that all lives have been made better by the creation of the internet.

While it may not be made readily available to all, it does provide an insane level of value to all individuals who have access to it.

With that being said, not everyone utilizes it.

*here is where I gained an understanding of what people may have meant when they said “stupid question”.

Google itself (it’s only one of the many search engines) is great at pinpointing information. If you need to find something, all you must do is go on the website and type it into the search bar.

Because of the ease of use that Google allows for, when people say they don’t know where to find or don’t know how to find something I immediately assume they want to be spoon-fed (that’s my very personal opinion though)

I want you to understand how simple it is to find things. If you want to learn (or are simply unsure of something) all you have to do is search it.

Of course, you should have an understanding of what you’re searching for (this is one of the tricks with vast amounts of information. It’s easy for one to quickly get lost) because if you don’t, it won’t be very hard for you to get lost.

Be a searcher. Don’t wait for information to come to your door. If something piques your curiosity, go after it. This is how you get what you want.

Patience doesn’t cut it. You must actively go after what you want – that’s the only way you’ll get to it.

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