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How to help without hurting yourself

How to help without hurting yourself

Some things don’t make sense

Every single day we see things that just don’t make sense. We see people doing things that just don’t make sense and we see people doing things that may hurt them. For most, the go-to thing to do would be to try to change said people’s perspective on doing those things; we want to make them see things the way that we do. The responsible and neighborly thing to do is to go and tell these people about the dangers of what they’re doing. Anything after that is wasted effort.

Some people just don’t know

It’s always a good idea to let people know of the mistakes that they may be making. This is for 2 reasons; they may really not know, and we would want people to warn us of possible mistakes that we could make in the future.

Some people are genuinely unaware of the things that they do. They just go and, since no one is there to warn them, make the mistake and continually make the mistake. Seeing someone repeatedly make the same mistake is not funny. Depending on the mistake, the cost to the individual could be extremely high and could result in their quitting whatever it is that they’re doing due to their inability to understand the reason that the mistake is being made.

Warning this type of person is worthwhile because they generally listen to us and change their behavior.

We also want people to let us know when we are making a mistake. No one wants someone to see them making a mistake and to simply let them continue to make it. This goes double for those mistakes that have the potential to be detrimental to our health and well-being. With that, we should warn people of their screw-ups because of the FACT that we will, sometime in the future, mess up ourselves.

Even if the person doesn’t listen.

Let them gain an understanding on their own

Most people don’t like forceful. Most simply don’t like it when someone tries to force their way into their minds and tell them what they should be doing. While it never hurts to let someone know about a mistake that they are making, that is all that we can do. We can’t try to force information down someone’s throat with the expectation that it will be received by them. It won’t. We can’t try to change the way that they view the things that happen in life.

All that we can do is warn.

After the warning, leave them alone

Over the years, I’ve realized that all that we can do is tell people things. We can’t try to force our way into their heads (at least not with everyday conversation). Understanding that other peoples behavior is out of our control leads to a much simpler understanding of life and the things that go on within it. It’s sad to say, but this makes our lives much, much easier. We simply tell people what we know and keep it pushing.

It’s completely up to them what they do with the information.

Hopefully, they make the mistake and learn from it

All that we can hope for is that the mistake that the person makes isn’t big to the point that they aren’t able to come back from it. While it may seem cruel to do so, allowing someone who won’t listen to make a mistake opens the door for tremendous growth within them. It will leave a lasting impression on their minds and will result in added wisdom for the person who made it(hopefully).

Remember, things are out of your hands after you warn the individual.

Here’s aninforgraphic that explains it all.


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    1. Thank you!

  1. I have a daughter that often won’t listen. Thank you so much. I’ve realized it is me who has to change.

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