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Straying from the path

Straying from the path

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Just 2-3 hours ago, I came to a terrible realization. I’ve strayed slightly from the path.

While I have done many of the things I told myself I would, I’ve gotten slightly distracted.

I think it’s important to make note of this for the simple fact that it could be a pivot point.

I (and you) need to understand when you’re doing something (making a mistake) you’ve made before so as to not make that same mistake any time in the future.


It’s imperative.

The reason I thought it was important to make note of this is because I am now doing something I’ve done multiple times in the past.

I’m getting distracted by the money and losing sight of the long-term goal.

I’ll start this post off with a story.

I may have mentioned this in a previous discussion but, I’ve been fired and quit from a few jobs. One of the more recent positions I quit from was due to a series of events that resulted in my being placed in a very unfavorable position.

I needed to leave, or else I would have been wasting my time. With that being said, the details of the story may not completely matter. In fact, they aren’t relevant whatsoever.

What does matter are the events that led up to this unfavorable situation. When I started my initial position at this company, I told myself I would quit as soon as I went back to school. That when school started back up, I would find a position that allowed me to sit still for a bit.

I didn’t quit though.

I got addicted to the comfort that came with the job. I didn’t want to let that comfort go because I felt that it would be an irrational decision. With that being said, I really should’ve.

Not quitting that job when I really should’ve, resulted in an unnecessary pain and suffering that lasted for about 5 months. It was terrible.

*I was out working in the cold for like, no reason.

I refuse to allow that to happen again. This is why it’s important to take note of each and every one of your mistakes.

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Take advantage of your time. Follow your plan. That's my motto. I'm an entrepreneur from birth who has tons of philosophical thoughts.

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