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The war has finally ended…

The war has finally ended…

One of my best quirks is my ability to get things accomplished. I don’t say this to brag, rather, to lay the groundwork for the beauty that is this blog post.


Have you ever rushed through something simply trying to get it taken care of? While you did this, did you notice that the end result was nothing short of sh—ty? If so my friend, you and I have a lot in common. I am the master of rushing through things; time is never wasted on this guy. What I’ve noticed from working at such fast paces is that I always end up missing something that should always be present in anything that we do; quality. Since I’ve realized that it’s important to consider quality in everything that we do, I have worked to develop a way to find a balance between those ever-competing forces, Quality and Quantity.

Here they go;

Have someone look over your work

One of my favorite ways to find the balance between quality and quantity is to have someone look over my work after it is completed. Since I work so fast (too fast sometimes), having someone there who can tell me when I made a mistake or when I simply need to re-do something is a big help. For some, this person may come in the form of an editor or even a teacher; the only thing that matters is that they are educated enough in the field that you are working in to be able to catch a mistake if you make one. Another thing to keep in mind is that this will require that you open yourself up to judgment and correction (the person’s job is to help you improve a piece or pieces of work that you put out.) To do this, some may be kind of blunt.

Forcibly slow it down


Sometimes, we don’t have anyone there who can critique our work. At times like this, we need to slow down our work process. For those who you who are like me and sometimes can’t help but work as fast as you possibly can this may be a bit difficult. For those who have a hard time slowing your work down, here’s what I do;

Think about every single move that I make

Basically and this can get tedious, I think about every single thing that I do (within reason). This means that I think about every single word that I type, I think about every part of a formula, and I focus on my reasoning behind making a certain move. Try it, it works. ( I do this when mistakes become obviously abundant)


Double check everything

This can be even more annoying than the former but try double checking everything that you do. I hate doing this but some things don’t allow re-do’s which means that the work must be error free. Double checking our work allows us to find the errors that our fast-paced minds simply overlooked the first time around. This also works.

Make quality checkpoints


This is something that I got from this website. This simply means that, instead of leaving everything up to chance, you have a checklist of everything that should be present in whatever it is that you’re doing. If you internalize this list, ensuring that your work is consistent, you will find that errors do slowly eliminate themselves from your work. This also works wonders.

It’s okay to stop and look for a moment

If all else fails, I’m telling you that it’s a simple thing to just stop and take a breath of fresh air. Look at everything that you’re doing for a minute just to make sure that everything is up to par. This also helps when you simply want to take a break for a moment. By stopping for a moment, you are giving yourself time to gain your bearings and to take stock of everything that you’ve managed to get accomplished. Lastly, this works.


Take it from me; while it does feel good to get your work done in a timely manner quality always trumps quantity. This can be applied to whatever it is that you want to do also. The goal is always to win the war rather than any individual battle. To win the war we must make sure that we are putting out quality material after quality material with the thought that we are always putting our best foot forward. Those who do this get noticed because the quality is rarely ever overlooked for very long.

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  1. Ouch. this list nailed me. I tend to err far to much on the quantity side. of things. The checklist and having other people check your work are solids idea that I don’t implement. Good Post.

    1. Thanks Clay. I appreciate it.

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