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This is why you don’t have confidence

This is why you don’t have confidence

Before I say anything, I must say this;

Confidence is not one of those things that you either have or you don’t.

Confidence stems from purposeful success in any field or activity. While success is being sought you may experience a few drawbacks, but these also help to instill confidence in you. It is not the feeling of having expertise in every field. Frankly, you won’t; most of aren’t masters of various fields, meaning that we don’t know everything.

It’s a lengthy process

josh-calabrese-236920-unsplashBuilding confidence is a process, one that takes time and exposure to a variety of things. To build confidence in an area, one must go through this process (repeatedly).

It’s mostly action

Confidence stems from an action. It is the feeling of having complete control over yourself in a variety of areas(it may just be one. It depends on the person.) The most important thing here is the action piece. To gain confidence in yourself in an area, you must experience. You will fail, but you must experience whatever it is that you want control over.

Learn from the mistakes

Failure happens. You will most likely not succeed and gain momentum in a certain area with so limited knowledge of it. From the failures, we must take out bits and pieces of our experiences and review them. My favorite thing to do is to record my experiences with a certain action. After I have failed a few times(not doing the same thing over and over again hopefully), I go back and review my journals, hopefully gleaning some information from them that can be used in the future.

Go out and act again

After you have looked over your mistakes, go out and act again. This is the only way that you can be sure that you have learned from any of your mistakes. It also allows you to continually weed out any of the mistakes that you’re making, ensuring you that you’re always working towards being a better version of yourself.

Always seek to grow from your experiences

maher-el-aridi-98330-unsplashThis will always be a part of the process. All that it requires you to do is to constantly make sure that you are looking to better yourself in the area of your choice. Seek new and improved ways to do something constantly and you will find that the way that you do a certain thing will slowly improve over time. With improvement comes confidence.

Confidence comes at last

Finally, you are confident. Confidence finally comes after constant exposure to whatever it is that you want to master. It didn’t just show up, it came after repeated experiences and several failures (from which, you realized that you were able to glean a lot of information)


Confidence is one of those things that come from action. Anyone who tells you to be confident in an action that you have never taken is a person who is overconfident and shouldn’t be listened to. The constant repetition of some type of activity and the success that comes from those repetitions is what leads to confidence, not the other way around. Believe me.

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