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Wizardy is fun

Wizardy is fun

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I am definitely paraphrasing.

“Any technology advanced enough will be thought of as magic by a people ignorant enough to do so.” – Guy from transformers (I forget his name).

Do you understand the magnitude of this quote? Do you seriously understand how much it explains about being human? Or, do you understand how much it explains about being misunderstood?


I know that many of you have likely gone through a period in life (any time period) when you’ve felt misunderstood. When you’ve felt as if you simply didn’t fit in. You stuck out like a sore thumb. To that, I have to say that you likely did stick out like a sore thumb.

You are special. You have qualities that are unique, yet you suppress them in order to not come off as being foreign. It isn’t pleasurable to be the sore thumb.

What they failed to mention in the above quote is that there have been a few periods when people who were thought to have magical abilities were spurned, openly.

* I actually think that’s what they meant by the quote. When people don’t understand how something works, they immediately write it off as being unnatural (magic).

Instead of being avoided, these individuals were openly ridiculed and challenged. I’m sure that a few of them were killed. It wasn’t the most fun time for any of them, I’m sure.

*I’m like 95 percent sure this is what happened during the Salem Witch Trials

Why do I say this?

In those cases mentioned above, it was kind of hard for these people to avoid sticking out. While I’m not saying they had special abilities, I am saying that they had something about them that stood out.

They couldn’t hide.

I think it’s important to embrace our “special” characteristics. There is nothing wrong with being thought of as magic.

Be a wizard/witch if you have to (figuratively. Unless it’s actually possible. In which case, go for it. )




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