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Reading is still fundamental

Reading is still fundamental

To be able to teach someone something is to have an overwhelming understanding of the subject at hand.

I’ve been reading and taking in information from other people in these past few days that has been very helpful along my “journey” so to speak.


I’ll start with something that I read earlier today that I thought was very helpful.

I started the day with an email from one of the (if not the only) email newsletters I subscribe to. It’s by a man named Alexander Cortes and he’s a fitness expert.

*it’s actually funny how I just so happened to read this email. I hadn’t read an email from him in a few weeks.

I just so happened to go into my email and I saw the email he sent titled “I’m doing 500, I’m out of control”. (I only read this email because of the headline)

I’ll spare you the details ( but I will include a link to his site in case you’re interested in subscribing) but, the article talked about trying to have control.

The only reason why I kept reading this article is that of the simple fact that control has been a major issue that I’ve been having these past few months. I don’t feel as if it’s possible to really have any.

*Life is entirely about problem-solving skills. The better yours are, the easier it will be to navigate in the world. Why I say this, you’ll figure out after reading a bit longer.

As I read through this article, something that really caught my eye was when he mentioned the lives of busy people. When this was mentioned, he was referring to the life of his friend, an individual who has recently been given charge of over 200 million dollars. He said his friend constantly feels as if he is involved in some type of crisis(things are just that hectic at the place he works at).


After mentioning his friend and his extremely whelming lifestyle, he went on to say that life (for busy people) can’t be controlled. His friend couldn’t control the things that happened at his place of work, all he could do was direct them; which is what he did.

*I’m not the busiest person in the world yet, but I feel this way

I’d been feeling as if I’m moving with the flow of things, never fully having a grip on anything that I do. I’d been feeling this way for a long time but, it began to be quite noticeable in the past few weeks.

That’s why I was kind of surprised when I read this man’s article – it directly addressed something I’d been dealing with.

It’s funny how effective reading is. This brings me to the topic of an article that’ll be coming out in the next few days.

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