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Ceasing to grow means to die

Ceasing to grow means to die

It’s actually quite interesting how memorable a string of text messages can be when their content is actually worth memorizing.

The other day, a man whom I consider to be a mentor of mine, sent me a text message.

Inside of the message, there was a link to an article that basically discussed the importance of reading and constant education.

Now the article itself was actually quite memorable (which is why I decided to link out to it) but, the thoughts didn’t actually begin to happen until my mentor and I had a small conversation about it.

I thought the conversation was quite interesting.

This entire conversation focused on the importance of constant development as well(obviously right?).

I’ll just hit on a few points that really caught my eye when I decided to read back over the conversation.

Stagnation is the equivalence of death.

It’s funny how in various different situations, stagnation is the equivalent of death. Think about it for a second. Have you ever heard of the saying about stagnant water?

still water

If you hadn’t, stagnant water is known for being a breeding ground for diseases such as malaria and parasites. It’s a terrible thing.

I refer to the lack of movement definition of the word. To be stagnant with your education is to basically lock yourself away and die. When you decide that the search and thirst for knowledge are no longer important you’re ensuring that you go no further than what your current intellect allows.

That isn’t very far.

This part of the conversation, however, actually stemmed from something said by Jordan Brett (the mentor).

He said, and I refuse to quote this because it’s kind of long, the definition of intelligence is always changing. What was considered to be intelligent a few years ago likely isn’t considered intelligent today. This is because of the fact that technology and the things that can be considered profitable are ever-changing, evolving.

This is why ceasing to learn is tantamount to committing suicide. Things are dying away every day and we can’t stop it; evolution doesn’t stop.evolution2

To educate doesn’t mean you have to constantly go to school and do homework either. From what I see, as long as you understand how you learn and have the critical thinking skills/courage to seek the truth, you will be able to learn almost everywhere you go. You would be able to pick up a book and learn from it. Actually, I’m suggesting you do this.

*you’d likely have to read several books before you have any idea on what the truth may be.

Never stop learning!

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