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How do you make gains without routine

How do you make gains without routine

How do you make gains without routine?

This is the main question I’m asking myself at this point.

If you want to get something you must be able (and willing) to give something up that has an equivalent value.

You can’t play both sides. At least not yet.

When you try to play both sides you end up not getting what you came out to get in the first place.

I know this now. Stick with the plan. See it through until you see that it doesn’t make sense for the plan to be followed.

If that happens, change the plan.

But don’t lose sight of the goal.

Your heart is what fuels your actions but your mind is what puts them in sequence.

Don’t forget this simple truth.

Also, you can’t make gains without routine.

You have to deal with what you have and incorporate the things that you want into your plan for the future. That’s how it works so suck it up.



Take advantage of your time. Follow your plan. That's my motto. I'm an entrepreneur from birth who has tons of philosophical thoughts.

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