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Get yourself a partner

Get yourself a partner

I had an amazing workout the other day. I know, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about my day again. Why I decided that any of you may remotely feel as if what goes on in my day is beneficial to your situation.

The answer to this question is easy; because it might.

You don’t know what this post may have in store for you until you actually read it.

Now, this workout was actually amazing; one of the best I’ve had since hitting the weights again.

The funny thing is the enjoyment that came along with this exercise wasn’t from any coffee I drank or any supplements; it came from being with another, driven individual.

Usually, I work out by myself; I hate having to wait on people who don’t want what they say they want. If you hit the weights, you must be willing to deal with the “pain” that comes with doing so.

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The other day though, I did a little routine with another individual and, it was very, lively. It brought me back to my idea of the other post I wrote on finding a tribe.

This workout was basically non-stop (I took 30 seconds to a minute rests occasionally) movement.

It was almost like this guy just wasn’t willing to take failure as an answer.

Every movement I did he matched and occasionally, I found that he simply outclassed me.


In certain exercises, I just couldn’t handle the weights and was forced to do a calisthenic version of the exercise.

That was actually where most of the enjoyment of the routine came in. I was forced to do things I wasn’t accustomed to doing; this is where growth comes from.

While working out with this man, I found my huge pride( side effect of being a man) wouldn’t allow me to say I just can’t do this. I saw the effort he put in and was willing to match that.

This is what having a team does for you. When you’re surrounded by people who are “better” than you, so to speak, you’re forced to rise to meet their level.

Or you can quit.

I wouldn’t advise doing that if you want to grow though.

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