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Having a strategy is now more important than it’s ever before been.

Having a strategy is now more important than it’s ever before been.

Having a strategy is now more important than it’s ever before been.

I’m now dealing with heavier weights than I’ve ever before lifted. I’m doing exercises that I’ve never before had to do.

I have a goal for my body. It has a purpose.

I’ve quickly been finding my body’s current limits.

Obviously, as I reach those limits I’ve also been looking for ways to break past them. That’s what limits are meant for.

To break past a barrier, a strategy must be developed. You won’t effectively break through if you don’t have a solid idea of what you need to/are going to do in order to do so.

For instance, my deadlift has quickly plateaued. I’m stuck in the 400 area and have been trying to figure out what needs to be done before I’m able to break through.

I’ve realized that I need to develop the accessory parts of the movement a bit more.

My grip needs to be developed.

I need to activate the glutes a bit better.

My hamstrings need to be developed.

My form needs to be developed.

The next step would be to figure out how I can go about developing each of these individual things.

Grip needs to strengthened. It basically means that I would have to incorporate grip training into my routine.

Glutes, hams, and form can all be fixed at the same time I believe. If I’m doing the exercise right (form)  I should be able to work these muscles. I should also be able to work on my ability to activate the muscles during the exercise if I work on my ability to connect to them mentally.

Again, that just means that I have to incorporate exercises that work on each of these things into my routine.

Except for form. I just need to lower the weight and work on that separately. Again, if the form is fixed then I should be able to get an inkling of a feeling in each of these muscles as they are being worked.



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