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An ode to big eyes

An ode to big eyes

An ode to big eyes

Big eyes

When your eyes are bigger than your stomach

1 of 3 things can happen

First, you can allow yourself to get overwhelmed

Not being able to handle the excess food

Thereby allowing yourself to get consumed

Second, you can rise to the challenge

See the opportunity and go get it

Not leaving anything on the table

Third, you can run in fear

Neither failing to meet nor rising to the challenge

This is the option for those who don’t like stress

For those who would rather sit on the sidelines

Than be written about in history books

Those with no ambition

Nor heart

Which option do you choose?

Here’s the post

You know, I was in the gym earlier today and someone said something to me that really struck a nerve.

The guy (who shall remain unnamed) said, and I quote “He’s not challenging himself. I know that he’s stronger than that. “

You don’t know how much that got to me. Although I didn’t show it while I was there, I was sitting and contemplating what he meant. I was wondering why he would say that about me, the self-proclaimed workaholic. The guy who accepts all challenges regardless of their level of difficulty.

He felt the nerve to tell me that I was trying to do easy things.

Before I go on, I should probably give you an idea of what I was doing when he thought to say that to me.

I was doing dumbbell presses, you know, following the plan that I laid out for myself.

The issue was that I was doing said presses with 40 lb dumbbells.


*Keep in mind that at one point I was up to around the 60 – 65 lb region with that same exercise.

The fact that he said that made me think.

Am I really pushing myself as hard as I can?

If not, what I can I do to get that extra mile? After asking that last little question, I noticed something that I’d kind of been blowing off for the past few months, if not years.

*I always get to the point eventually

People push us. Or, a better way of saying it is that people push me.

The question is why do people push me? The answer to that question is that I’m competitive. I like to debate occasionally, I don’t mind sparring. That’s me.

The nest question to ask oneself is “what pushes you?”. I simply found that one of the things that motivate me to go a bit harder is the people that I’m around; besting or at least competing with them. Of course, I have other driving forces but, that just seems to be one of them.

So, to answer the second question that I laid out for myself, I would have to find something or someone to compete with. Of course, I can compete with myself; that’s always been something of a pastime. The thing is that competing with yourself can take the edge off.


You’re the only one who knows what you’re doing and how you have to do it. Who can stop you from quitting?

To find someone to compete with, I’d have to find or accept a tribe.

The people on the internet were right.

Yet another contradiction ; )

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