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Thoughts on “Millionaire Moves” (Book review)

Thoughts on “Millionaire Moves” (Book review)

Forgive me, I’m paraphrasing right now.

“It’s easier for an individual to solve a problem if they feel that it’s been solved before” – Edward O. Thorp

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That quote is quite memorable and has rung true for me so far.

It also leads me into the topic of discussion for today, A book that I’ve been reading for the past few days titled “Millionaire Moves” by Bill Pickard.

I typically don’t subscribe to reading books about other people’s success stories; not because I don’t like them, rather, I don’t feel that it’s an efficient use of time all of the time. I’d been led to believe that books that talk about the rules to life or success don’t really hold much weight.

That they act as nothing but motivational tools.

While the book did motivate me, it also gave me a bit of insight that I didn’t hold 3 days prior to today. It showed me the “spiritual” side to entrepreneurship.

To have someone who has achieved a goal somewhat similar to yours and to be able to read their story and pick up on tips that may be able to propel you further than you thought imaginable is a gift. That’s why I thought reading this book would be beneficial; it shows you the mistakes (or things done correctly)  the individual has made and how they can be avoided in the future.

These are a few things that I pulled from reading this book.

  1. Not all debt is bad
    1. Now I do understand that using debt as a way to take advantage of an opportunity is completely different from using debt to buy things that you want. In this book, the author stated how his first ever shot, buying his first McDonalds franchise, was funded through a loan acquired from his grad school. He also talked about his use of debt in building the various business that he’s owned and run. I won’t be very long with this section simply because of the fact that I agree with the man. While I haven’t had the need to acquire a business using debt yet, I don’t know that it is much easier to get the help of another (the bank) and that as long as you have a genuine and completely feasible plan it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.
  2. You need others to go far
    1. This actually wasn’t the first time that I’d heard this. Basically, when this was mentioned in the book, the author was discussing the fact that while doing things on your own does allow for faster movement, doing things with others allows one to move further. I needed to hear this. I’ve been a major proponent of the idea that doing things on your own is the best way to get things done. That’s my youth and lack of care for dealing with others speaking. I’ve recently realized how difficult and time-consuming it is to actually try and do everything that you want to do, by yourself – it’s borderline impossible.
  3. Being a sheer, using opportunist is somewhat different than reaping the words of being a genuinely helpful person
    1. Isn’t it delightful when you have an idea that something is true but never really knew until you got some sort of confirmation? I got that confirmation yesterday while reading chapter five of this book. In this chapter, Bill discussed the importance of networking and how making friends with people can become beneficial at the most surprising times. He also discussed the difference between simply making friends and finding ways to exploit people by making nice with them.
      1. When you make friends and receive something because of that friendship anything received from that friendship is a byproduct of your being compatible with said person.
      2. Receiving something from a friendship that you’d planned to receive from that friendship is a byproduct of your being a “greedy opportunist”.
    2. One of those things comes from a person being a genuine individual while another comes from one being a user. I completely agree with the way that Bill put it.

Overall, this was an enjoyable book filled with guidelines and stories. I also have to be honest, while I’d always believed that it was possible for anyone in this world to do whatever they put their mind to seeing people with my complexion did hold a bit more weight for me in strengthening that belief.

Here’s another link for you, if you’re interested.

Having an understanding that a problem has been solved before DOES strengthen one beliefs in the idea that they themselves can solve it as well.

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