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Reading? Who’s doing that?

Reading? Who’s doing that?

I’m embarrassed to say it


Guys, I’m kind of ashamed to say this but, I’ve been reading a lot lately. In the past few months I believe that I’ve read a total of at least 20-30 books (I may be embellishing a bit); it’s been an amazing experience.


I’ll start with trading because it’s the area that most of the books that I’ve been reading have dealt with. For starters, I have to say that books such as, “Long term secrets to short term trading” and “Minding the markets” have given me a different perspective on trading. One focuses on understanding your thought process and listening to your body’s impulses; His method deals with getting to the root of mental issues and gaining an understanding of them while trading. While I do understand where the writer, Larry Steenbarger was coming from with this, I don’t believe that it is a very effective approach to trading. (Before I say anything else, I believe that I have a decent understanding of the markets and the things that go on within it.) While I understand but a fraction of what there is to know about the markets, I couldn’t say that simply going when your body tells you to go is a very efficient way to trade.

It’s too iffy

Upon trying his method of trading, I’ve found that it leaves too many things “in the air” and deals with something that is simply too “iffy”. This may work for some, but the way that my mind works didn’t really blend with that method. (He still did research on his trades, he just seems to be very discretionary.) In the second book, “Long term secrets to short terms trading” the writer,


Larry Williams discusses statistically proven systems that are back tested using decades worth of data; this is more my speed. He pairs his trades with “patterns” that he and several other traders have noticed, reoccur quite often in various markets. I may not be the most organized or data driven person in some regards, but losses have taught me that in trading you want as many things on your side as possible; the statistical models allow for that.

The blogging side of things

Being a blogger, it’s only right that I read my fellow blogger’s work. Doing so allows me to show support while also keeping in the loop on various things that pertain to the blogging world.

One of the main blogs that I have been reading a lot lately is His blog covers most things SEO related and offers a nice level of value. The same can be said for various blogs/websites on the internet. While I don’t believe that everyone offers value (some people may just not offer valid information at all), a lot of websites do. They are informational resources that offer blueprints for most people to get to where they want to go. It’s that simple and should be taken advantage of. It’s free information!


Pick up a book and absorb the information. Books are a culmination of knowledge from various people believe it or not; they hold the information that the writer took from the novels that he/she read over their lifetime and what they have concluded about said information. The information in the book may not necessarily be the truth per se’ but, it can give us a new perspective on our area of expertise, as mentioned above.

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