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Is Kanye really crazy?(possibly)

Is Kanye really crazy?(possibly)

One of the things that’s helped me tremendously in the past year or so is that I stopped paying attention to what others have been doing (outside of IMMEDIATE family members).

Social media is no longer something that I can pay attention to, nor did I really want to in the first place.

With that in mind, I’d been off of various social media websites for a very long time (the accounts may have been active, but I wasn’t paying much or any attention to them).

kanyeI talked about this a few months ago but, the lack of attention being paid to various other people helped me realize a few of the things that I lacked (of the many) and the things that I thought I needed but was holding on to for no reason.

Why am I talking about this you may ask? Why did I decide to reopen the topic of unnecessary social media attention?

Well, I had a thought. Actually, a few days ago my mom decided to lay some wisdom in my fragile mind(this wisdom helped me form various different thoughts).

I was talking on the phone with my mother and somehow we fell upon the topic of slavery.

I thought that it would be a good idea to try and beat her in a game of mental fortitude(I always lose but I try anyway).

During this conversation, I brought up a conversation I had with a random Lyft driver on the topic of Kanye West.

Now, I could care less about the man; before this moment I hadn’t known much about the “insanity” that he was known for blurting out at times.

During this conversation, the Lyft driver just felt the need to bring up the topic of Kanye West’s saying that “slavery was a choice”.

I knew that she brought this up just to start a conversation(this topic, much like politics and sports was something that she felt was a “neutral zone”.

When she told me that Kanye was crazy and that he had no business saying anything of that I nature me and my need to go against the grain immediately said that I understood why he said that.

I was thinking about things from more of a literal point of view.


I told the driver (in so many words) that there are always choices and that in a way, slavery was a choice.

Her immediate rebuttal was that those people didn’t have a choice. She brought up the women and the children and the abuse that they suffered and said that they had no say in the matter whatsoever.

At the time, I didn’t know what she was talking about. I thought that she just wanted to argue and decided against responding.

This was the exact story that I brought up to my mother during our conversation.

I didn’t say this to sound “smart” I said it see what she would have to say about it; her pov. I was very surprised by her answer.

She told me that she believed that Kanye wasn’t speaking in a literal sense. She spoke on the chains that were placed on one’s mind during slavery and how even after the physical chains are gone, it’s a choice to pay attention the mental ones.

She spoke of her belief (one that I currently agree with) that people, even when introduced to new things choose to cling to things of the past(even if these things are harming them both mentally and physically).

This is a short post but, I found that idea to be interesting; especially when considered alongside social media and paying attention to the lives of others or the other overall unimportant thing.

*I’ll talk more about this because it just makes no sense to me.

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