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I hit 375 lbs and I choked

I hit 375 lbs and I choked

I hit 375 lbs and I choked.

I used to live by the philosophy of preparing yourself for the worse and being surprised by the good. It’s not the best philosophy.

It’s not a bad thing to be prepared or the worst thing that could possibly happen, but it doesn’t really make the most sense to scare yourself like that.

I scared the mess out of myself at the gym today. I’d been watching videos of people choking and injuring themselves when they lifted a heavy-weight. It started with the video of men pulling biceps while deadlifting and curling too heavy and ended with videos of men falling and having seizures while doing heavy squats.

I don’t know why I allowed those images to even enter my mind.  

My goal for the gym today was to hit 400×2. I stopped at 375 because I messed up. I got the weight up 4 times but, on my last rep, I wasn’t able to re-rack it. It slipped back and I thought it injured my spotter.

I could blame it on the floor being wet. Or, on my having on incorrect shoes. I could even blame it on fatigue.

At the end of the day, the reason was that I was scared.

I’ll get it up next week though.

Also, I hit a mini-pr. 5 more pounds!



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