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Don’t trust the internet

Don’t trust the internet

Alright, guys, this is going to be another quick one, simply because of the reason that it’s being written in the first place.

I’ve been seeing a lot about finding your tribe. I’ve seen a lot of people saying “the more experiences that a person has, the less likely they are to relate to others.”

I have a response to that.

But before I go into depth (or get into the meat) of the post, I have to say why this is being written. I’ve been taking quite a bit of sleeping medicine to fall asleep the past few days. For some reason my brain just dislikes to shut down. My staying up so long kind of forces me to sit and reflect. I think about all of the things that happened in any span of time(that day, that year, etc.)


*I’m sure that you’ve had a few restless nights as well.

Now, I think that you guys are starting to connect the dots. I was up and thinking when I realized why people were wrong.

While I do agree with the statement that the more experiences that one has, the more likely they’ll be to be set apart from others; the more likely it is that their uniqueness will stand out.


I refuse to agree with the statement that more experience equates to an inability to relate to others though. Experience is, in a way, like diversification.

The more of it that you have, the more people that you can hold a conversation with; the less experience you have, the harder it will be to relate.

Don’t listen to people on the internet.

Ironic isn’t it?

Originally posted 2018-07-11 12:30:40.



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