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I made the leap to freedom, it’s hard though

I made the leap to freedom, it’s hard though

Practicing what I preach

My last few posts were about commitment and what it takes to really be successful at any one thing. I analyzed the successes of several individuals that I consider great and noticed something. They all committed themselves to their crafts and refuse to accept failure as an option

. They didn’t worry about failure and didn’t measure their success by time, or anything of the like.


If you guys hadn’t noticed from reading my posts over the past few months, I’m an extreme person. This is the main reason why I can’t do anything illegal (lol seriously) and, one of the big reasons why I fail so often(I succeed sometimes too but I like analyzing my failures a bit more than my successes). This is being said to walk you guys into the fact that I quit both of my off-campus jobs a few weeks ago.

Why did I do this

I’ve never really been a fan of the traditional “job” situation. I just couldn’t shake the thoughts that I had about work and my ability to make money and support myself. I understand (as much as my 20 year old somewhat inexperienced mind will allow) what I want to do and understand what it takes to do it. Don’t get me wrong, at the job that I was working I was making decent money for my age and situation. But for some reason, it just didn’t feel like enough. I didn’t mind the work, I actually enjoyed it because it helped me burn off some of my energy. But, I understood that I could and wanted to do so much more. I also realize that I thrive under pressure, and the jobs took that pressure away from me somewhat. (I was too comfortable)

What exactly am I doing

Okay, so I quit both of my jobs. I have other sources of income, so I’m not really worried about money right now(I’m lying, I’m always “worried” about money). But, for the most part I’ve decided to throw myself into trading and blogging. I noticed that I really love both of these things and that they allow me to retain and access parts of myself that I’d left alone for a long time. In a nutshell, I’m simply going with my move and utilizing my entrepreneurial muscles.

What will I need to keep going?

With both of these things, I realize that I must be very adaptable and aware. Adaptability is the thing that keeps us growing. It’s the one reason why successful companies are successful. When I say adaptable, I refer to my ability to adapt to both the times and to trends. Awareness on the other hand, compliments adaptability. Awareness refers to my need to be knowledgeable of my mental condition and of the things that are going on around me. I will need to know when I’m losing steam, when I need to change one of my processes etc. (I’ve done this a few times already).

Possibility of failure

One of the biggest things that I have learned over the years is that failure only occurs if you quit completely. You can mess up every now and again but failure itself is the instance where you say, “okay, I can no longer do this. Considering the way that growth comes about, failure should be viewed as a part of the process. I understand that I’ll make mistakes, but plan to utilize mentors and other educational resources to avoid major setbacks.

I know that this entire thing is a bit extreme but that’s just me. I go with my move and, since it’s worked so well for me in the past I will continue to do so.

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Take advantage of your time. Follow your plan. That's my motto. I'm an entrepreneur from birth who has tons of philosophical thoughts.

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  1. I have been doing the same thing as of lately. i have been trying to step out of my comfort zone in order to grow.

    1. It’s a process, one that looks different for everyone. You’ve got it though!

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