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Don’t ever pretend

Don’t ever pretend

Don’t pretend to be something that you’re not, it will inevitably backfire.

*This goes completely against the theme that my posts have held for the past few months but I feel that my website encompasses much more than just money; so I’ve decided to just talk, hopefully, my words receive a warm welcome.

We all “act”. That’s just a fact of life. No one knows every single facet of our lives and they don’t really need to.

All they need to know is what we decide that it’s appropriate to tell and show them. For some environments, “personal” isn’t completely necessary or necessarily warranted.

The thing about acting is that it shouldn’t be taken too far. When you find yourself doing things that go against your true nature (the values that you’ve had instilled in you from birth) you’ve taken the act too far.


I believe that not doing this is a bit more of a challenge for younger individuals -the people who have not yet come to terms with what it means to truly be themselves.

What I’ve been forced to realize(no I am nowhere near perfect) is that no matter how badly you want something, some things just aren’t meant to be (and it’s for the best)

*that last sentence may have thrown a few individuals off so I feel the need to elaborate.

When the act is taken too far or when you find yourself doing things that go against your values, speaking for myself it’s usually not a pretty thing.

I’ve found that the act is done simply because one wants to do or get something that feels that they probably couldn’t have gotten or done if they were themselves.

*to be oneself doesn’t mean to hold on to all of the behaviors that you’ve developed over the years. You must also refine.

*also, I’ve been in several deep-acting situations before in my life (and may still be in one) so I believe that I’m qualified to talk about this.

While the act may seem fun and it may even possibly allow you to get what you want, it also means that you have to accept everything that comes with that act.

The question then becomes; are you ready for everything that comes along with that act?

Personally, I wasn’t. (that story is for another time though)

If you haven’t made the conscious decision to accept everything that comes with the life that you chose, don’t choose it.





Originally posted 2018-07-04 12:30:47.



Take advantage of your time. Follow your plan. That's my motto. I'm an entrepreneur from birth who has tons of philosophical thoughts.

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