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Adapting to meet needs

Adapting to meet needs

As I’m writing this post, I’m reflecting on various things that I’ve learned in the past few days, weeks, months. I’ve been exposed to many more people.

The period of complete semi-solitude is over. While I’m not hanging out with people(because that isn’t my thing), I am talking and socializing much more than I have before. I haven’t really had much of a choice, I’ve been “forced” to go outside much more than I was in the previous 5 months.


I’m not writing this just to reminisce and reflect on all of the things that I’ve “learned” about people. Rather, I’m writing this to say something about the reasons why it’s almost necessary for people to adapt to their environment.

The reason why people pay so much attention to the things that others wear and all of the other hot things that are advertised every day.

I kind of hinted at it already but we must adapt. As human beings, it’s imperative that we adapt to the places that we frequent; it’s necessary for us to survive in the said environment.

Before I go into detail as to what exactly I mean when I say this, it’s sort of important that you understand where this realization came from.

First, I already knew that a quirk of being a living thing in an ever-changing environment is that we must adapt. Not only do humans do it, but every other living thing on this planet does it as well; it’s what we must do in order to survive. If you don’t know what I mean by this, look at your muscles.

* I know, I frequent the topic of muscular growth. It fascinates me.

The whole point of the exercise is to both develop and adapt and get used to the strain that you’re placing your body under. Of course, there are other things that it allows but, for the most part, that sums it up. I believe that’s why progressive overload works so well for so many.

For a more personal example of why I chose to talk about adaptation and growth, I want to talk about my recent work experience.

I’m not used to working in overly social environments. I’m more accustomed to working by myself and doing things when I need to do them. For the past few months, I’ve been working a job that doesn’t require but promotes interaction with others.

While I’ve gotten accustomed to it, I can’t help but mention the other individuals who’ve been working there for much longer than I have.


These people know what it means to and how to operate in their environment. This is a team-oriented atmosphere and thus, promotes interactivity with other teammates. They communicate very openly and often.

They’ve grown to meet the needs of their environments because they knew that if they didn’t they wouldn’t survive.

This was just a thought. More on it later.

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