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Wasting your time

Wasting your time

I probably shouldn’t be writing this.

People dislike when you write things that may or may not be focused on them. WHo cares though, right?

Words are words and they’re going to come out someway or another. I’ve found that no matter how hard you try to hold things in, they always manifest in some form or fashion. That’s something cool to pay attention to.

Well, here goes nothing. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and left the conversation wondering how much of your time you may have just wasted discussing something that was or rather, is completely irrelevant to your current situation?


Come on now, if you haven’t I’m sure that it’s just because you just aren’t digging deep enough. Everyone has had one of those moments when they felt as if they were talking to one of the parents off a Peanuts special. If you’ve never seen Peanuts, I have 2 things to say to you;


First, Peanuts is a childhood favorite movie of mine (really, comic strip). Every day we got the newspaper, I would immediately sift through all of the boring “news” and rip out the comic strip.

The only comic that I really enjoyed was the strip comprised of 4 boxes with Peanuts characters placed in them.

There would be about 6 words printed in the strip and it would always depict the dog (I believe that his name is Snoopy) doing something bad#%$(this is how they curse in comic strips for those who missed the joke).


Needless to say, I love Peanuts.

One thing that I can’t stand whatsoever is a person whose conversation leaves me feeling as if I’d just had a 3-hour long talk with one of the parents from the television show.

For those who don’t know, ( I say that a lot, by the way) parents from peanuts sound like horns that have lost their ability to project noise fully.

Their voices are very, very annoying. I believe that Peanuts made the parents sound this way to give off the vibe that what the parents were saying just wasn’t very important.

In very much the same way, the people who talk with voices like these parents, aren’t talking about anything.

Their conversation causes you to daydream.

Why am I even talking about this in the first place? There has to be a reason, correct?

To answer my own question, I’m talking about this because of the fact (yes, I have announced it to be proven fact) that these people should be avoided at all costs.

They live to waste your time.

They absorb useless information and regurgitate it (along with their highly important opinion) in an effort to fill space.

By any means necessary, work to avoid these individuals. It’s the only thing that you can do (if you want to save yourself some well needed time that is.)

I know, this post wasn’t the most information-full. I just had to say this. Time is precious and many individuals don’t realize this, so they needlessly waste it on bull&*#$. ( I bet you got the joke that time)

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