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My book is going to be so average!

My book is going to be so average!

So, I’ve been putting quite a bit of time and thought into my book. I was initially going to compile all of my posts into a book format. That would’ve allowed me to memorialize all of my posts and to get my first book out into the market.

This would’ve been great for getting my feet wet and helping me understand the process.

The only issue I had with that idea is that it would’ve, for one, been too general of an idea.

It also wouldn’t have exposed anyone to anything new from me. I don’t really like that idea. Instead, I feel that I should provide a mixture of new and old ideas. The old ideas would obviously come from the posts on my blog. This would allow individuals to see my old content.

At least those individuals who weren’t aware of my blog. But, the new ideas will be put into the book because why not. Ideas are overflowing.

It’s no fun to just include old information in a post. While the book will allow me to memorialize all of  my work, too many thoughts keep coming to my head to not include them.

I can’t till you guys see the book. It’s going to be so average.



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