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Everyone need not agree

Everyone need not agree

If we’re all in agreement, someone is bound to die

The funniest thought came to my head a few days ago. I was just chilling working on something and I remembered how easy it was for a group of people to rationalize doing something idiotic.

It’s very f***ing simple.

As long as there is a voice powerful enough to direct the minds of the people in the crowd, everyone will follow along and simply agree.

Even if they have no idea what the person said. They can have an idea of what’s being said and still agree; some people just don’t like speaking out.

While it never feels good to have to be the one to shut someone’s idea down, it just doesn’t make sense to go along with an idea if you know that it’s bound to fail.

No matter how powerful someone’s words are, it just doesn’t make sense.

It may just be the inner coward in me, but I really dislike going along with unintelligent plans.

We have to speak out regardless of how painful or otherwise violent the backlash is.

I want to give one of the more muted examples of this that I’ve run into in the past.

About a year ago, I worked at a beer company. Again, I won’t say the name because it just doesn’t make sense to.

Most of my time at this company was pretty relaxed; I had ample time to get my head back on straight after a few months of not being right.

My job at this company was pretty straightforward, I was to go around and sell/merchandise beer at stores.

I had relative freedom compared to other past jobs that I’ve held as well as a cool van to ride around in.

It wasn’t bad.

One thing that irked me a bit was the fact that we were a team. It wasn’t just the fact that we were a team that bugged me rather, that we were a team of mixed quality individuals.

Again, that’s beside the point.

I just wanted to give you a bit of an understanding of exactly what my job and the work environment were like.

At this job, I had a supervisor (let’s call him Billy). He was a cool guy, at times. He was one of those individuals who’re really good with people, mainly because they’re very good at pleasing all individuals. I don’t trust people like Billy; there’s literally no polarization at all.

Billy was a great leader though. When he said that he wanted to get something done, he worked to get it done.

I appreciated being around and learning things from a person like Billy. He showed me a few things that I needed to see.

With that being said, to many he was kind of intimidating ( a few of the other guys on this “team” were what I like to call *Smartypants) He was so intimidating in fact, that not many would go against his ideas.

Even if they were very bad ones. They would just go and do/ say exactly what he wanted.

Well, one of my teammates had an idea for a display at one of his stores. It was a grand old Meijer Store logo made from 24 packs. I thought that it was a good idea.

The only thing about the idea is that it had very little structure and if built wrong, could at any moment fall on a passerby. Billy told the guy to go with it.

At the time of the idea proposal, I had no idea what was going on. I couldn’t say anything because I was suffering from sleep deprivation.

It didn’t hit me how bad of an idea that it was until about a few weeks later when it was actually being built and I was told to go and help the guy build it.

I immediately saw how stupid the thing looked. For starters, it was massive.

I was designed from approximately 200 cases of loose(24 oz cases) and very unstable. I immediately told the guy that he should say something to Billy about it. It was going to definitely fall.

He didn’t though because he was doing what he was told.

A few weeks later he was told to take it down because it wasn’t selling and “looked dangerous”. I told him.


I had a girl dog named Smartypants.

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