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Nothing comes easy

Nothing comes easy

You just don’t have enough information, yet

I’ve been reading quite a few books these past few months. Not the most enjoyable thing, but I’ve realized that it’s completely necessary.

Believe it or not, if you knew me about 4 years ago, you would know that I took a brief hiatus from any sort of reading. I took a hiatus from targeted learning in general to be honest.

I mean, I went to school (high school) and I paid a bit of attention to teachers while I was there but, I didn’t learn because I wanted to. I just had less interest in it than I had when I was of a much younger age.

Of course, as a teen, I gained an interest in other things and I was just never too good at multi-tasking.

With that being said, I never stopped trying to do things. I never stopped trying to reach goals and eventually reaching them.

So in a way, I never actually stopped “learning” just more so from doing rather than theory.

Like with anything, When you’re trying to do something difficult that you can never say that you’ve ever really done before, you’re going to have some shortcomings(several of them in fact).

When you first try something out, you’re not going to have a WHOLE lot of information. You’re going to know some things, but you won’t be a master. In fact, you’ll be well below that of a novice.

I’m only saying any of this because of a few past experiences that I’ve had and my recent dilemma with Python the coding language.

I’ve been coding for approximately a month, even. It’s been one of the most eye-opening adventures that I’ve ever been on.

When I first started entering any code on a computer, I had no idea where to begin. I was without knowledge. All that I could do was follow the directions in a book that I’d purchased and entered their code. I didn’t fully understand what the code meant or what the rules were; I just knew that I could make things happen if I did things the way that the man in Automate the Boring stuff did.

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After I finished that book, I went and purchased another one. This time with the intention to learn the rules, I read through Python Programming: An introduction to computer science by John Zelle, trying to gain an understanding of the syntax. It somewhat worked.

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*This is how the learning process works.

I took information from the first book and put it together with the information from the second book. This helped me understand what the writers were trying to say with their code.

Now, the only thing left to do is to continue compounding information and to try and put it into practice.

It should be a challenge but it can be done. It’s been done before.

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