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Everybody loves to look at the crook.

Everybody loves to look at the crook.

Everybody loves to look at the crook. No one wants to look at themselves.

Today in one of my classes the topic of the day was Bernie Madoff. Yes, the guy who ran one of the largest ever Ponzi schemes. Yes, the guy who contributed to several people losing their entire life savings.

That guy.

I don’t condone what he did. I think it was actually quite ignorant. Or was it?

I mean, the guy did somehow manage to trick multiple (and I mean a whole lot of) people into investing into his fund.

Or did he?

I mean all of these people trusted the guy. They didn’t think twice about what he could’ve been doing. Or did they?

These people allowed the wool to cover their eyes because they weren’t thinking critically.

They were stupid.

They wanted to get tricked. Yet, they somehow couldn’t seem to find the person who actually caused the damage. They were mad at Madoff for exposing their stupidity.

Now, do I believe that what Madoff did was right?

Of course not!

I just don’t think the lessons in what happened have been seen.

We just love to redirect blame rather than owning up to our mistakes.

And then we call it leadership.



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