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Taking all bets

Taking all bets

Okay, so I have a very bad habit of thinking constantly. It doesn’t matter what it’s about. As soon as I find something interesting I think about it.

I’ve placed a lot of thought into bet taking and what success really requires.

Have you ever heard of an overnight success story? Of an individual or company who came out of nowhere and took over a respective scene by storm? I have, but after careful consideration, I have to say that I haven’t.

How about a little bit of a backstory before I get right into the story. I like to trade. When I first found out about trading all that I understood was that you would have to be very careful about the bets that you place.

You’d have to gain an understanding of the market and trust yourself enough to know when not to place a bet.

To that, I have to say no thank you.

It isn’t that I don’t trust myself, rather that I dislike believing that I can discern when to or when not to bet(all of the time). I don’t want to think that I can read the market or anything for that matter(mainly because the odds of my being right (at least on that subject) are very slim to none.

What I have realized is that while it is a useful tool to be able to read people and their behaviors(when it comes to making money) you have to take most bets.

Obviously, you wouldn’t take the bad money bets (the ones that can get you in trouble or the ones that aren’t worth your time) but you would take the bets that would enable you to grow in relation to your field of choice.

With that story in mind, consider the individual who was an overnight success story. This individual was the one (usually) who took all bets.

They refined their craft and pushed themselves constantly to do all of the things that they could in their respective sphere.

Think about rappers. These people pump out song after song when they’re first getting started. They release this music on a regular basis so that they can get their names out there. It’s a constant grind; a grind that they partake in so that they can best inertia.

I think that it’s admirable.

They take all events without worry or care about who will be there. They just know that if they do this, they will get their names out into the world.

For these people, it isn’t just about the money. They have a story, they want something much much bigger than the fame. They believe in their music and what they can do with it; they want to offer genuine value.

To overcome inertia, you must take all of the bets. You must push harder than you’ve ever pushed before in an effort to do something that you’ve never done before.


Taking all bets: Means to not back down from a proposition to do something that could be potentially profitable. To smile in the face of opportunity.

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