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The environment reflects the mind

The environment reflects the mind

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If one were to enter the place that I lay my head at night, they would be taking a step in to my mind, literally. I have books everywhere. I have sticky notes everywhere.

Everywhere you look there is a piece of information that I need in order to put some puzzle together later on down the line. My brain is literally splattered along every single wall.

I just thought of this on the spot, but I believe the idea to be quite interesting. To think, every single thing about us and all of the things that surround us give a glimpse into our physical and mental well-being.

Like my room, my mind is everywhere. Obviously, there’s a semblance of order. (enough for me to be able to figure things out in an efficient manner)

Take note of this, it actually gives us a rather interesting insight into how we are at any state in time.

Take this situation for instance,

There was a period a few years ago when I worked, a lot. I was pumping out a good 70 hours a week consistently unpacking beer; it was brutal.

This was also the same period when I was at my most confused. I didn’t know what or how I would do anything. All that I knew was that I had to work and that, I did.

At this same point in time, everything around me, including my body, was out of order. I didn’t brush my hair as well as I should’ve. My car was a pigsty(there were things everywhere).

Everywhere that I resided was as unorganized as they probably should or could be. My mental state had an effect on the area surrounding me as well as my outside appearance.

Our minds are incredibly powerful tools. They give our bodies the desire and power that they need in order to make a willful impact on the world around us. If properly taken care of(nurtured) they will do the things that we need them to do.

If not, you’ll be able to tell by glancing at the space that surrounds you; by looking at yourself. It’s actually quite an interesting thought.

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