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Greed is just one of those things

Greed is just one of those things

Readers, friends, I’m pissed off right now. I’d never understood how greed could overtake an individual and cause them to lose sight of their mission. The reason why they worked the way that they did. What their end goal was.

Until about 6 hours ago.

I’ll spare you the details simply because it’s business-related and I don’t see much room for things that implicate other individuals on this site.

But, basically, someone got very brash with me and decided that it was a good idea, after the first time that we ever did business with each other, to push a button of mine.

What kind of strategic move did this guy have in mind?

I can’t help but think that every time the ordeal comes up. I assume that he was being greedy but, why did he think that it was a good thing to push me? We could’ve eventually sorted something out, but right now, probably not.

But, enough of that though. This post is about greed and, I refuse to get off track( I’ve been working on that)

Greed screws so many things up. So, so many good things have been destroyed because an individual couldn’t see anything more than the money that they would potentially make from doing something. They didn’t consider the various potentialities. They didn’t have foresight.

I’ve had several personal experiences of this nature, but I believe that the effects of greed are best revealed when we look at a movie that we all know and love, War Dogs.

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War dogs was a movie that basically showed everyone what happens when they decide to look past an individuals being. Their True Self.

One of the main characters in the movie(Jonah Hill) was what I would like to call a scheming genius. He was one of those, intelligent, yet, refuse to work for anything individuals with very little in the way of self-control(didn’t appear to want any either).

He knew how to both please people and how to get over on them. His ability to play with people is what many would call a superpower; he was great at what he did.

The bad thing about this, is that he had no Honor. He could care less about what happened to another individual as long as his consequences were positive. And therein is where the problem lies.

His utter lack of foresight (mixed with greed) is the reason why him and his business partner went to jail. He, like an idiot, decided to get angry over missing a few dollars and messed up a perfectly good deal. He refused to consider what could possibly happen as a result.

While doing this, he also refused to pay someone who had major dirt on both him and his partner. This obviously is what resulted in his inevitable 4-5 year prison sentence.

He refused to pay a man because all that he could see was the money. He wasn’t thinking about the fact that he was doing someone else(and their family) an injustice by not coughing up a few dollars.

Greed is a killer. Greed is one of those things that must be avoided at all costs. That isn’t to say that growth shouldn’t be sought; just don’t do anything stupid in an effort to seek it.

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