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Is pride supposed to be a part of the decision making process or not

Is pride supposed to be a part of the decision making process or not

I had a plan when I first started doing work for this company. What happened to it?

I know that I just typed a post about this but, the fact that I’m forcing myself to make a decision and the nature of the decision is really weighing down on me.

Am I making a decision that I should be making right now? Am I making an emotional decision? Is there anything wrong with making an emotional decision in the first place.

For a bit of background as to why I’m thinking about things this way in the first place, I should probably freshen the story up a bit.

A few days ago, I felt that I was cheated. There was a huge miscommunication(not that big) and a lack of effort on my part with a company which resulted in work that I’d taken time out of my day to do, to not be given the credit that it was due.

This is all fine and dandy simply because the work was comprised of my thoughts; much like my other writing, this work can be reproduced quite easily. What I was angry about was the fact that I wasn’t going to be paid for the work.

It pissed me off quite a bit, I won’t lie.

After a period of having actual thought placed into the matter, I realized something;

There is nothing wrong with following your head (for the sake of consistency, I probably shouldn’t post this. But, hey this is me.)There’s nothing wrong with getting up and saying, “I don’t think that I should do this anymore.”

And then not doing it anymore. Of course, like with any decision, there will be repercussions but, those are repercussions that one will have to be willing to deal with.

This post was short and sweet mainly because when it comes to decision-making, that’s the only way that I know how to handle things.


Again, there will constantly be things that we have to pay attention to and watch out for when deciding to do something; the thing is that things happen all of the time and that learning how to roll with the punches is a skill in and of itself.

There’s nothing wrong with emotionality, it’s a part of being human.

*I stand on honesty. So here’s a post.




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