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Nothing’s new. So innovate

Innovative is where it's at.Sorry guys, this is a short, short post

I’m going to start this post off in a somewhat weird way but, I must admit something to my readers; I started this blog on a complete whim.

I knew that I liked to write and since someone mentioned it to me, I figured that I would go ahead and try it out.

Obviously, there is nothing at all wrong with that but, it does lead me to the topic of this post.

While I wasn’t the first person to think of a blog and I wasn’t the person to write about their personal journey and ideas within the blog, I have placed my own unique spin on the writing; these topics are completely my own.

I innovated.

Think about it, while everyone does have a blog. Not everyone has one that produces the broad spectrum of advice that I create. No one has my voice. No one writes like me. No one. My blog is my own simply because of me and the words that are used to fill its pages.

This is what I want to say about ideas. Everyone has them. What you’re doing doesn’t have to be new. It doesn’t have to even be the most creative thing in the world (a lot of those creative things tend not to work at first). All it must be is innovated.

I used to constantly sit and try and think of new, bright, and creative ways of doing things. I would honestly try and think of completely new Ideas. What I’ve realized is that it is completely unnecessary.

Here’s why.

Do we think that the cellphone was a brand new idea that just popped into someone’s brain? (it was, but there’s a point to this) While the actual phone and the usage of wireless devices was something that was brand new, the base, the thing that it was based on was not.

Before the cellphone (and any other communication device was created) we had the telegram. The devices that came after that one, were all built off of and improved upon an already present concept.

Shoot, the telegram probably came from something too.

What I’m getting at is this

An idea is an idea. We don’t have to constantly worry about being new and imaginative; all that we have to do is make sure that we are doing something different from the competitor.

Again, back to the communicative devices. They all allowed individuals to get in contact with one another(or, if I’m not mistaken to let someone know that they needed to get in contact with a person in the pager’s case). The differences between the technology is the features that were presented by them.

The differences between the things that you get your hands into(ventures) and the things that other people do, is you. The spin that you place on that idea is what you bring to the table. It is how you innovate(unless you don’t. In which case, don’t do it).

I was seriously sitting down in a chair in the living room of my apartment and just thought of this. How awesome is writing?


Welp folks, that’s really all that there is. There are new ideas but, there’s still money in the old ones; we just have to look a bit deeper into everything.

If you want to blog; put your own spin on it.

If you want to trade; know the rules but, put your own spin on it

Whatever you do, put your spin on it.

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