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Is it the consequence or the action that makes something immoral

Is it the consequence or the action that makes something immoral

Is it the consequence or the action that makes something immoral or bad?

I just got a WHOLE new understanding of risk and what it really means to take them.

I broke my phone. This is like my 3rd phone in the past year.

Needless to say, I’m terrible with phones.

The funny thing about my cellular damages is that they have all been my fault. Literally.

I’ve been the person who hasn’t had the self-control to not throw my phone anywhere. This isn’t a beat myself up session either. I just threw my phone around countless times thinking it wouldn’t break. It finally did after the 100th throw. It didn’t outright crack either. It slowly began to bleed until the ink dripping from the LCD became too unbearable to look at. It was very f””^^ng bad to look at.

I thought it would work and wouldn’t break. I thought my phone was invincible. It wasn;t.

Now, what does this have to do with risk?

Well, for one some risks just aren’t worth it.

I understand that I’m bad with phones.

I understood that I probably shouldn’t have thrown it around as if I didn’t care about it. I did it anyway.

I threw it and it broke. I considered it taking a risk. One that resulted in me having to spend money to get another one. I don’t like to spend money on things like this.

Next, I solidified something I already knew. You will EVENTUALLY mess up.

It didn’t break on the first throw. Not did it break on the third throw. But it did break eventually. That’s what matters.

My teacher in Ethics the other day posed a question to us. Is it the consequence of the Action that decisions are based off of?

In this case, it was definitely the consequence. I’m sick.

This has nothing to do with ethics. But, it does.



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