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She did it. She jumped off the cliff and didn’t look back.

She did it. She jumped off the cliff and didn’t look back.

She did it. She jumped off the cliff and didn’t look back.

I’m happy for her.

Someone whom I love very dearly told me they decided to take a leap of faith and would go with their move. She said she felt that she had something and she saw that she may as well use the opportunity.

I honestly can’t remember a time when I’ve been as close to her as I was at that moment. I completely understood what she said she was about to do.

While the point of the post was to celebrate the woman’s – who shall not be named – decision, I feel that it’s more important to go over what exactly she did for herself.

This woman was in school.

She was studying something in the music field (I honestly can’t remember the exact field).

She’d been there for a very long time.

She was actually going to graduate this semester if everything went well.

Obviously, everything didn’t go well.

Financial aid started getting screwy – it seemed like nothing wanted to click.

She was doing her best to stay in school but, things just didn’t work. They weren’t working.

Her words to me were that she felt it was time to leave. She always had the option to go back but, she felt that she had an obligation to see where her gift could take her.

*With a whole lot of perseverance of course.

She took the lack of cooperation as a sign telling her that ti was time to leave.

Some may say that she quit. I say that she did what felt was right for her.

We never know what the outcome of our decisions will be.

This woman is inspiring.



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