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Take note refuse to think

Take note refuse to think

Writing things down(or however, you decide to take note of your thoughts) frees up bandwidth.

Think about our mind’s the same way that we would think about a computer; we don’t have that much usable storage. Every single thing that we try to keep in our mind’s with the thought that we’ll be able to call upon it at a future time is a thing that is taking up our mind’s bandwidth or RAM.

That’s where writing things down come in. When we write down our thoughts we don’t have to remember every single thing that we have/ want to do, we merely have to remember to look at the stuff that we wrote our thoughts down onto.

I cannot begin to explain to you how useful writing things down has been for me

You guys may not know this about me, but I used to have the most fickle memory known to mankind. I will be able to remember every single detail of an event one day and won’t be able to remember a thing the next.

This was how I used to be at least. I’ve found that I had a lot of information stored in my mind and this contributed to the confusion.

Aside from those little details, I was also keeping things like work that I had to do, ideas that I had, and finances (among other things) in my mind.

It was incredibly cluttered; to the point of being unable to consistently remember little details of the previous day.

This becomes an issue

It gets somewhat difficult to get things done when we have so many things on our minds that don’t really have to be.

Do we really need to have all of our passwords locked in a safe somewhere in our heads? DO we really need to have all of the tasks that we must get done the next day locked in that same box? I really don’t think so.

Writing things down rids us of some of the need for all of those mental notes.

Live and breathe sticky notes

This is just the way that I keep tabs on everything that I like to get accomplished for myself throughout the day. There are various other ways to go about doing this.

Instead of keeping tabs on things in a mental box, I just write down everything that I have to do on a sticky note.

When an idea pops into my head, I write it on a sticky note. When something immediate has to happen, I write it on a sticky note.

A few of the other ways that we can go about keeping tabs on things:

  • Audio record things(doesn’t correctly fit inline with the idea of writing things down)
  • Keep a planner(the planner actually compliments the sticky note idea
  • Keep a journal(again writing things down, just in another manner


There are much more efficient ways to go about keeping tabs on the things that we have to get done. Rather than keeping all of our information in our heads, I’ve found that writing(or recording) the things that we have/want to do for future reference is much more effective.

When we record things, we don’t have to worry about memorization and can use our minds for other, more creative ideas.

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