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The world is your’s part Deux

The world is your’s part Deux

I understand completely. The world is literally yours.

The mind is literally (and when I say literally, I mean literally) our strongest tool.

Today, I deadlifted a goal that I’ve had for over a month. I got 400 lbs up for 1 rep.

I had that number on my mind all day.

*and when I say that number was on my mind all day, I mean it.

Here’s a little background story explaining why I feel the way I do.

Today, I had 2 classes.

One was Intro to Business ethics, the other was web design.

*Both of these classes were classes that I was pretty excited about being in.

Anyway, during my first class of the day (web design) I remembered that today was leg day. I also remembered that I wanted to do a few back exercises and that deadlift was on the agenda.

I also remembered that I hadn’t deadlifted in a long, long time.

*at least I hadn’t maxed out in a long time.

My last PR on a deadlift was 355. I had been aiming for 400 pounds for the past month but haven’t been able to touch it.

During that first class I made my mind up on the fact that I would be reaching that milestone.

I was focused on that mini goal that entire day.

From that point on, I was prep-ping myself for that 10 o’clock workout session when I would test my grit and see if I had it in me to reach that goal. In fact, I told myself that I would reach that goal, there were no ifs.

I loaded up on coffee.

*coffee helps during my workouts. It allows me to do things at the margin.

I had at least 4 cups of the stiff throughout that day as well as 2 within a 1-hour span right before the actual workout. Needless to say, I was geeked.

The entire time I was telling myself that I would lift that weight. I pictured myself pulling 400 pounds before I actually went to pull the weight. I knew that it was going to work.

When I got to the gym, the first thing I did was go pull the weight.

I said my what’s up’s and then I went straight to go pull.

*I have a habit of doing that when I know exactly what it is that I’m about to go do.

I went and did a few warm-up sets and then I got started.

I won’t bore you with the details about the warm-up sets but, just know that the weight got up. It took 2 tries but, eventually I got that weight up.

And I knew it was about to happen too.

We can literally do anything we want. We just have to work for it.

Next stop 600lbs – with a few mini goals in between.



Take advantage of your time. Follow your plan. That's my motto. I'm an entrepreneur from birth who has tons of philosophical thoughts.

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