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Okay, I lied

Okay, I lied

It’s probably best that I am honest with you, I’m a full blown liar.

I, for lack of a better word, lie on a regular basis. I lie and tell myself that I want to do things.

I lie and tell myself that I can do things. I lie and tell myself that I should do things.

You know what the results of years of lying have been?

I’m realizing how capable the human body is.

While it may hurt to go out of our comfort zone and focus on doing things that we just don’t feel like doing, it allows for an insane level of growth to be achieved.

Have you ever seen someone lifting a heavy weight? When I say heavy, I mean like 500 lbs plus. Depending on their body weight and what they are accustomed to lifting their body’s are constantly fighting them. They don’t want to get the weight up.

Their minds are what allow them to push through what their body doesn’t want to do. They tell their body’s that they will be able to get that weight up at any cost (depending on the level of commitment)

All of the shuddering and lack of mobility while pressing (or pulling) the weight is their body telling them that they shouldn’t be doing this.

The entire time their body is telling them this, they’re telling their body that they will be able to get that weight up. Not only will they get the weight up but that they’ll do it for reps.

The mind is a very powerful tool.

More on that later.



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