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If you’re too afraid of death, you won’t move

If you’re too afraid of death, you won’t move

This is one morbid topic but is something that must be discussed. Death is something that we all experience. Whether we accept it or not, we still must understand that it will happen to us all.

My experience

This is something that I had a hard time understanding as a child. I, for some reason, thought that my parents were on the older side.

Before I even understood what death was, I knew that they were old(er). Soon after I realized that they were a bit older, I learned that the average lifespan for African Americans was early 80’s and the mid 70’s (women and men).


Do not ask me where I got these facts from, I was 7 years old. I would sit in class each day and wonder, “How long do my parents have?”, “Will they make it to see me get married?”

Granted I was thinking about things in a practical sense. I was only 7 so I shouldn’t have been worrying about these things. What I did realize was this; We cannot stop death. It will greet us eventually.

Life happens

Life happens. People die, and we too will die eventually. It may seem sad, but it is the truth.

Understanding this is the first way to get over the fear of death. During those long periods of thought about my parent’s eventual demise and a few other things that happened throughout the curse of life, I realized that it can’t be stopped.

Once I realized that I no longer feared it happening to me. I embraced it. I don’t go out of my way to hurt myself, but I no longer hold fear from action. I understood.



Go as hard as you can

If you’re doing everything in your power to ensure that you live life, a full life, you will have nothing to regret.

This was something else that I realized. Over the years, I had several periods where I didn’t want to move at all.

I was being lazy. During these periods, I would think constantly about the things that I could’ve been doing but wasn’t. I would then think about how short life was and get even more depressed at the situation. The funny thing is that the thing that would get me out of the mindset was the understanding that life is short.

I’d look at my goals and compare them to the time that I have and realize that we would have to get moving. Live a full life and you won’t worry about death, because you would’ve done most of the things that you wanted to get accomplished.

Have fun (sometimes)

One of the biggest things to remember aside from accomplishing goals on both the business and financial side of things is the need to have a bit of fun.

Whereas the first section focused on accomplishing goals, this section discusses the desire to explore and have overall fun.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of exploration and overall fun. Try new things, meet new people. Don’t be afraid of this because this is what life is for.

While I haven’t explored all of the places that I wanted to, yet, I have done quite a few things. Doing said things has given me a bit of peace an has actually taken away most of the fear that I had about dying. So, in short go out and experience.


I do not think that anyone ever really gets over the fear of death. No one really wants to die. What I’ve noticed is that, like emotions, one simply comes to understand death.

We learn to accept that it will eventually greet every single one us. Once we understand this, we then realize that life is finite and that we must embrace living for as long as we have the opportunity.

Death is the one thing that we all must come to terms with. It simply happens.


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