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I was multi-tasking the other day and I almost died

I was multi-tasking the other day and I almost died

I’m sorry to admit but, I love to multi-task. I really do.agenda-concept-development-7376

The feeling of switching from task to task and getting one thing done right after the other just fills me with joy, which makes me want to do it more and more.

Which is the reason why I feel the need to write this; I can’t continue to do this to myself. It’s killing me (at least that’s what I read).

You heard it here first, Multi-tasking is a cold-blooded killer.

Efficiency goes kaput

Okay, well obviously if we’re jumping from task to task, we aren

’t going to be able to work efficiently.

We are focusing our minds to switch from having one task front and center to having another front and center.

While we may get things done while we are spending time multi-tasking, they aren’t getting done with as much vigor as they would’ve if one task were the main focus of the brain at a single time.

This study goes into great detail into how and why our work gets much more quality and efficiency-shy when we are trying to multi-task.

Cortisol levels are sky-high

Cortisol is the stress hormone. When your cortisol levels are high, that simply means that you are incredibly stressed.

When we are multi-tasking, the switching that occurs forces our minds to really pay attention to various things; speaking from personal experience, switching between various things places a lot pressure on our minds thereby forcing our minds into a state of high stress.


Think about it in reference to a cars engine; have you ever consistently forced your car to shift gears several times in a row? If so, what happened?

Again, speaking from personal experience, I blew a car’s engine by doing this.

I’m getting dumber by the minute

Have you ever multi-tasked and slowly developed the feeling of not being able to think clearly? If so, now you understand why that is.

The multi-tasking itself is forcing you to pay attention to several things all at once, which as a result is beating down on your IQ score.

That feeling of discombobulation is there for a reason, we aren’t meant to multi-task.


From this, you can probably tell that multi-tasking is literally(not literally) one of the deadliest things that we can ever do.

There are literally studies that say that Multi-tasking requires us to use less of our brains and that the parts of our brain that are in use aren’t being used very efficiently.

Why do it? If our brains aren’t being used very efficiently and we are literally hurting ourselves, why engage in such an activity.

It makes much more sense to just get one thing done and then to focus on the next thing when the time comes.

Originally posted 2018-05-13 12:30:07.



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