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Your creativity isn’t gone, it’s hiding

Your creativity isn’t gone, it’s hiding

Children are inherent creatives; we were all once children (again, if this doesn’t apply to you I would like to have a conversation. Simply because you are an interesting person.) What happens to that creativity.

Why is it that we slowly lose that spark that we had to make exciting things? As we grow older, our desire to create seemingly dissipates. we just don’t have that spark that we once had; or do we?

It’s still there, it’s just hidden

I just had a wonderful thought. I was reminiscing about my childhood and the times when my brother and I would make up games; I would literally have the powers of a god for hours on end.3

We would immerse ourselves in these games and totally forget about the world around us; these were amazing times. What happened to that ability; we were at a time in our lives when we could seemingly create entire worlds.

We literally interacted with other people who were inside of the game. As we grew older, the hustle and bustle of everyday life took that ability away from us; as men, we were forced to focus on the things that happened in the world around us and could no longer spend countless hours inside of our minds.

That creativity is still there though, it has to be.

Automate and allow the mind to wander

Our “busy” lives force us to be aware. Awareness requires us to be in the present and disallows the wandering of the mind.

Therein lies the solution; if our creativity is stripped from us because of the variety of duties that we have, it just makes sense that if we limit the things that we have to do it would come back to us. Right?

Automation is the answer. Automation cuts back on the number of things that we must do which in turn frees up space in our minds. That free space can then be directed towards other things and thoughts.

Automation: the use of largely automatic equipment in a system of manufacturing or other production processes.

Once it’s free

After you automate some of your tasks thereby freeing up some of your “RAM”, you enable yourself to have more room to roam. You still have to be aware to a certain extent, but not as scattered as you would’ve otherwise been. You’re free to create.


One of the most interesting things about children is their undeniable ability to create. Their minds develop and re-develop interesting and somewhat profound approaches to everyday

The sad thing is that it leaves us or does it. As adults, I’ve found that we still have that creative spark; it’s just not as malleable as the creativity that we once held as children. We hone in on one area and find innovative and profound approaches to developing that specific thing.

We allow the “stress” and monotony of everyday life to take strip us of the belief that we can create something new and exciting; the ability is and will always still be there, it just gets pushed to the side along with our dreams and desires.


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