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Thank god for television

Thank god for television

I was 12 years old when I realized that television – while it may not look like it – teaches us quite a few life lessons.
I’m a strong believer that the individuals who make kids tv shows do so with a purpose. The information that we find in them is too valuable for it not to be that way.
When I say this, I’m referring to one show in particular – DBZ
While I was never much of a fan of this anime (it was a bit played out when I found out about it) I did enjoy the way that they trained themselves. They used the hyperbolic time chamber and increased gravity in a way that I never thought was possible. I never even considered the fact that using a higher level of gravity to train your muscles would have a positive effect on them.
*now that I think about the things that lifting weights does to our bodies, their reasoning for using increased gravity to train in actually makes complete sense.
Lesson #1
They put themselves under a level of stress that they had never before been under, which enhanced their own ability. While I’m sure that it was painful for them to do the things that they did, they were shown that they have much more than they thought they did.
This is very much the way that real life works. We aren’t able to do things because we run from stress. When you put yourself under the stress ( in controlled levels) you are able to grow. You break yourself down, give yourself time to recoup and then do it all over again. This is how growth comes about – it’s actually the very same way that muscles grow but I’m no expert on that :).

Lesson #2
This is actually the very same lesson on stress. You have to dig deep. When they trained they gave it their all – they didn’t hold back. This is how they grew. If they didn’t give it their all they wouldn’t be able to see what they needed to work on. When we half-a** we aren’t able to pinpoint the things about ourselves that need development.
Those who say that television is full horses*** are full of it. You just have to dig a bit deeper. Don’t look at the entertainment purely for entertainment purposes; look a bit deeper.
*It’s funny, I haven’t watched television in a while. I guess I’m full of it too huh?



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