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I can’t control myself. I just do.

I can’t control myself. I just do.

Today, I was walking with an individual whom I’ve known and spoken to for quite a while.

I won’t tell you why we were walking but, we were.

During this walk I came to a realization about self-control. You can’t.

Control is nice. I have it to an extent. But what I’ve been forced to realize about it is that it’s finite.

Getting up and telling yourself that you won’t do something is fine – to an extent it will work.

But if you place yourself in a situation where you have the choice to do that very thing that you said you wouldn’t do long enough, you’re going to do it.

Control, like any other muscle fatigues.

Our brains tire out, it’s not something that we can control.

*I actually remember seeing something on (I believe it was Youtube) about this. It talked about the way in which our brain uses a tiny bit of glycogen everytime we make a decision.

I have an analogy.

Do you remember the health bars that we see on video games. If you were playing 2K or something like that you would see that your player would easily get tired out after a period of running. If you were playing a fighting game you would see life (or consciousness) get depleted after enough blows being dealt.

That’s how our control works. After being forced to make enough decisions, it gets very difficult to not make an unfavorable one. It’s like a muscle that must be developed.

We can’t control. We can direct though.

You shouldn’t place yourself in situations that require you to make those decisions.

*Unless it’s your job to be able to control yourself. It makes you money.

For me, there are things that I find I just shouldn’t even try to do. I go too hard when I do them. I can’t stop easily.

That’s why I wrote this post. To explain that.

Remove the thought.



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