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Is delayed gratification really all that it’s cracked up to be?

Is delayed gratification really all that it’s cracked up to be?

Is instant gratification “where it’s at”? Does it help us or hurt us? I’m literally asking you; what do you think about instant gratification?

Leave a comment below on what ye think.

I personally think that it’s detrimental to any type of mental or physical growth. I have various reasons for thinking this way; some of which will be outlined in the following sections.

You will not grow. I promise

Think about it in these terms. Think about a child; most don’t have to work to make money, they simply have to be children.

It is only through the necessity of having money that a child develops skills (as they grow older obviously) that will allow them to make money.

If that need to make money doing things on their own doesn’t arise (and the child doesn’t have an independent mindset) that child will remain a dependent for extensively long periods of time. I see it all of the time and believe it to be true.

This doesn’t directly speak about gratification, but it does discuss the underlying point behind this section; those who don’t feel the need to work for things, won’t grow.

Complacency is a killer

Instant gratification is the reason why we do not grow; not because of the gratification itself, rather, because of the complacency that it strings along with it.

One who doesn’t feel the need to go out and put effort into something to achieve the desired result simply won’t. They will settle back into a stasis; the reason why the growth doesn’t happen in the first place.

Consider it for a moment; one who doesn’t have to grow simply won’t. Why? Because they don’t see a reason to do so.

Why don’t they see the reason to do so? Because of the fact that everything is already provided for them. They grow complacent; there is no driving force to startle them into action.

You don’t have to move because there is no motivation to do so. Complacency is a killer; if you don’t want to grow, allow yourself to fall into this state.

Delaying gratification requires mental strength

You want to know why it’s so hard to delay gratification for yourself? Because it requires willpower and willpower is a muscle.

To grow your muscle, you have to flex it, you know give it a good stretch, and then lift something either heavy or with constant repetition; this is very much like the process of growing your mental strength.

If you haven’t seen what I’d done to grow my mental strength, there’s post that discusses it.

One of the key things that I’ve been doing is taking cold showers; it places my body in temperatures that I honestly hate, on purpose.

The key to making the cold showers work though is placing yourself in one and sitting in it for a prolonged period of time; if you don’t physically stay there, you won’t get clean and are wasting your time.

No one likes to do either of those things.

It prepares you for growth in other areas

The strength that we gain from delaying gratification in one area rolls over to various other parts of our lives.

It has a sort of compounding effect that spills over into all other areas of your life. Consider the strength that comes with exercise; when you are working out (lifting weights and things of that nature) you are fighting against gravity (got that from this guy).

A mind and body that can fight and best gravity will have no trouble fighting the urge to quit while doing work or some other thing that simply goes against everything that instant gratification stands for.


After weighing both the pros and cons of delaying gratification against one another, it becomes relatively easy to see that it is definitely the s—t.

Seriously, when you delay gratification, you push yourself past your normal limits and are forced to see what you can do.

The enjoyment gained after waiting provides much more pleasure than that of something that you can easily access and need to place no effort into getting.

So, in short, Instant gratification is not what its cracked up to be.

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