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Life is very much a game

Life is very much a game

Video games are very much fashioned after real life(obviously right?)

I’ve recently noticed that life is genuinely very much like a video game; it has patterns and we can’t seem to get past certain levels until we acquire the skills necessary to do so.

I genuinely want you to think about this for a moment. Compare the storyline of a video game and the skills that are acquired throughout the game to the multiple “levels” that are a present in our real lives.

The only difference is that the level of action-figures-cartoon-character-163036self-control that is required to win beat a level in a video game stops more at the motor skill level.

Real life requires one to have a level of awareness and discipline that is much greater simply because we have to pay attention to the world on and its goings-on at a much deeper level.


The area that video games and our physical lives differ is when it comes to self-discipline. To beat a video game we have to pay attention to what is going on and learn from our mistakes but, to do so all that we have to do is remember; it’s a very simple process if one is capable of remembering simple processes very easily.

When we are in the real-world discipline is required in the same way, only with a twist. We don’t have to worry about outside influences and not being aware of the patterns; in a video game, the only objective is to recognize and break the cycle.

Mental and physical control must be exerted over oneself in the real world; this is the only way that we can get to the next level. We must force ourselves to become aware of the things that are stopping us from reaching our goals.

I do this through meditation and a whole lot of journaling.

Much like what I wrote here, I use journals to write down what is going on and re-read it every so often.

Contrary to popular belief, going back through a journal is very helpful for making one aware of their faults and of the world around them.


Video games completely disregard the emotional aspect of decision making.

Most people don’t play the game and then have qualms about whether or not they should do something to a certain person; the objective of the game is to win, plain and simple.

Our desire to win makes the patterns in the game painfully obvious and completely disregards the ethical part of the decision-making process.

In real life, there are various other human qualities that come into play. Overcoming an urge in real life, especially one that stems from something that we’d already experienced is rather difficult, believe me. Doing so simply requires a certain level of cognition as well; meditation helps with this.

Don’t give in

Whatever you do, don’t give in. We do not get unlimited redo’s. I’m sorry to say it but it’s

In a video game, we can continue to start over and allow our brains to work through the game while we’re away. In real life, most can’t deal with the constant screw-ups. In this instance, when I say screw up, I’m referring more to the fact that we gave in to an urge that we worked so hard not to do.

I understand what it feels like to do; it feels terrible beyond belief. I understand that we sometimes forget the effects that doing a certain thing has on us (that’s one of the reasons why journaling is so important) but, it’s imperative that we hold our ground.

If you’re in an area that is tempting you to do a certain thing, remove yourself. If there are people who are tempting you to do a certain thing, remove yourself. It’s difficult, but after being done a few times, it gets much easier.


I discuss patterns and passion so much for a reason. It isn’t because I simply like to find the similarities in things (even though I do).

Rather, it’s because I strongly believe that the recognition of these patterns and the eventual breaking of the cycle is the key to any exponential growth.

The constant repetition of the same behaviors and expecting a different outcome is equivalent to insanity, remember this.

p.s. life is not a game. lol

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Video games and real life

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