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This is how you break a wall

This is how you break a wall

I punched a hole in the wall at my house. It felt wonderful!

When I was younger, I punched a legendary-sized hole in a wall at my parent’s house. I was pissed off. This was the same moment when I noticed the power of the pivot point.

I was never a particularly violent child. I was very emotional but never violent.

I got angry over things but I never found pleasure in taking that anger out on people. I’ve always found it better to redirect it.

*It doesn’t feel nice to hurt when you know that you have the capacity to do so.

I was a 14-year-old boy who had just gotten into a fight with my older brother. We were throwing punches at each other and I have to say that I likely lost this fight. I landed several punches but, they were very sloppy and didn’t have the force necessary to actually inflict any damage on a man of his stature. I fought anyway.

At the end of the fight, I distinctly remember him slapping me in the face. This pissed me off. One thing I’d never been able to completely accept is disrespect of that magnitude. I swelled with anger, I wanted to hurt him. But, when I found myself getting angry I noticed a wall in front of me.

*this was the pivot point

Ever since I was young I wondered what I could do physically. I’ve always enjoyed testing my limits.

With that being said, I remembered seeing this wall in front of me several times before. I’d always wanted to know if I would be able to break through it. If my body was powerful enough to actually inflict damage on something as solid as a plaster wall.

*At the time, I didn’t realize how flimsy this material actually was.

This was a pivot point for me. I was aware of the fact that I was angry. I was also aware of the fact that I wanted to see what my body could do.

I knew that I could use my anger both as an excuse for the damage I inflicted on the wall and to boost my energy. I could channel that anger and use it to punch the hole into the wall.

This is what I did. I have to say, the hole I put in that wall was gigantic. I felt like I could do anything.

I never played any physically demanding sports ( I ran track and cross country) but I do understand the power of the mind.

Uncontrolled anger is of no use to us. The goal should be to channel it and use it to help you do things that you don’t’ feel you would be able to do otherwise.

P.s I had to pay for the wall. Oh well.



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