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Things take time

Things take time

Give it a minute

Yesterday we were told that we were at war…..with ourselves. The goals that we have in life are the various battles that make up the war of success; I had to realize this. The creation of a goal is a battle within itself; completion requires that you go out and do things that you’d never done before. You’re going against the grain. ie. war

Think of it like chess

Chess is a game of strategy; it isn’t the taking of a single piece that leads to victory in a game of chess. Rather, it’s the average outcome of various tiny battles that lead to a win. Our lives are like games of chess, ones that require varying levels of energy exertion and strategy to win.


I never understood this until now.

I’d always been the guy who would, immediately out of the gate, expend all my energy to get a task completed. This isn’t the best way to get something done. I would end up using all my energy (and emotional capital) to get one task finished and would be forced to run on fumes to do the rest of them. Life is like war, but I was only looking at a handful of the battles.

We need to be strategic about how we expend our energy

As you can probably guess from the previous section, I would run through energy very quickly. I would come out of the gate strong but eventually, end up with very little in the way of energy moving forward. The other reason for my lack of energy moving forward was the fact that I was also expending vast amounts of it doing things that didn’t pertain to my goal whatsoever. This means that I was constantly running around and doing things that simply didn’t help me at all. Things such as trying to fit too many things into one day and trying to help others get their work done before mine was completed fall on to this list.

Understand that things take time

We must be wise about the that we do to expend energy primarily because things take vast amounts of time. Things don’t generally take the year or even two years that we think that they will happen in; they take tremendous lengths of time. Another thing to add is that the bigger the goal, the more time that you will probably spend on it. (note that I said spend) Once you understand that things take time, you will cease, (like I did) to become impatient with activities that pertain to your goal. You will fall in love with the process of getting things done and do so unapologetically.

Clearly define what the objebusiness-close-up-contemporary-908292ctive is

If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, you will go around try everything that you see( I did, and am still getting out of this habit; this results in a burned out and unfocused mind. Once you have a pretty good idea of what it is that you want to get done, you will no longer waste time on things and people that don’t align with that vision; believe me. Once I gained an understanding of one of my “big” goals in life, I find that I have a hard time playing around and altogether doing things that don’t align with my vision. It requires self-control, but I believe that it will be worth it.

Pursue your goal relentlessly but wisely

Even though things do take time. We must realize that we can’t simply take breaks all of the time; time is not limitless, so we must remain steadfast in our efforts to realize our goals. I don’t personally do this, but to get around the effects of taking breaks time and time again, we can take breaks every so often; we can plan our breaks into our days or weeks to make sure that we remain efficient.



Our qualities of life are the result of the effects of various events being compounded over time. When I realized this, I gained a better understanding of the length of time that it would take me to realize one of my goals; it’s going to take years. This is also why patience is so necessary. Without patience and the ability to have foresight in our actions, there is very little chance that we accomplish our goals. The sooner that we realize this, the easier it will be to form a plan of action. This is war.


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Take advantage of your time. Follow your plan. That's my motto. I'm an entrepreneur from birth who has tons of philosophical thoughts.

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