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Here’s why we get embarassed so easily

Here’s why we get embarassed so easily

Embarrassment is a state of mind

If I told you that I had a superpower, would you believe me? What if I mentioned that the superpower was one that wasn’t very conventional? Well, here it goes. My name is Jimmie Perry and I‘ve been blessed with the power of Extreme Embarrassment. I have done various things that I should be embarrassed to ever mention, but I just can’t find it in me to care about. Embarrassment is a feeling. It is something that we’re taught to feel, it doesn’t come naturally. I believe that I’ve broken the code to constantly feeling embarrassed.

Why should you care what other’s think?

Why do we have to care what other people think of us? Why should we care what people think about our actions? Our tastes? etc. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m living the only life that I will ever live. If I only get one life, why would I spend it constantly in fear of what people have to say about what I do? It just doesn’t make sense.

This is your life

A person who constantly lives in fear is not a happy person. I used to constantly live in fear of what others would say. Of what they could possibly do to me. I would always worry about the reaction of these people, people who do not care in the slightest. What I took away from those extremely uncomfortable years of terror was this: (in most cases) If I’m okay with doing something, why should I ever worry about what others have to say about me?

“Okay I’m wearing a brand that isn’t popular.”

“You don’t like it?”

“I’m okay with it and that’s all that matters.”

It’s only a blip

For those everyday situations, only one thing must be said; It’s a small blip on our timeline. You pissed on yourself yesterday? No one is going to care about it in 1 year. You did it in front of 100 people? Well, that may take a bit longer to dissipate but eventually, no one will pay attention to it. Life is too challenging for things of that nature to stay on people’s minds forever. It gets even better if you look at the incidence in relation to the age of the earth; there is no way(unless you did something HUGE) that anyone cares about it in the long run. Even if you did something huge, accept it and move on.

Look at it this way, it happened and you have to keep moving.

Big deal

If I told you all of the possibly embarrassing things that I’ve said or happened to me, you would laugh for hours. The only reason why I’m able to talk about any of these things though is that I understand that embarrassment is a state of mind. When I mention the time when I walked outside butt-naked as a child to get something, do you think that I’m embarrassed? No. When I mention some other hilarious thing that I’ve done, do you think that I care in the slightest? No. Why? Because I have no reason to. I understand that all these things were and are simply incidences. Things happen. All that we can do about them is laugh and keep everything moving.

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