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I woke up and couldn’t breathe

I woke up and couldn’t breathe

I woke up and I couldn’t breathe. I was horrified.
The other day, I felt like I was drowning. I I’m just being honest.woke up to messages from people asking for more than I was willing to give. I was providing a service and they were slamming me with demands.
*I don’t complain about what I ask for. I’m just being honest.
I didn’t actually feel like I couldn’t breathe, I just didn’t know if I was doing the right thing. I was having serious doubts about the path I was heading down.
*Coincidentally, this was the same day I realized I was doing the wrong thing.
I seriously hated the business I was starting. Even though I had customers, I know that I couldn’t see myself doing this years down the road. The whole point was to help fund a different venture that I’m planning to do in a year or so.
*this was actually one of the major flaws in my plan.
That day was my breaking point for this business. Although I could’ve pushed myself to keep going, I had to ask myself if it was worth it. What would I do when I didn’t want to do this anymore? Does it make sense to focus on building something that I truly have no passion for doing?
The answer to those questions is to not pursue it. Life is long (not really. If you think about it, it’s actually very short). We must plan for the relative long haul. We have to do things that we see ourselves doing years down the line.
The decision was more reactive than it was responsive. While I saw (and still see) money in that niche, it doesn’t make sense to do things that we really hate to do.
That’s the lesson I took from this is that it isn’t bad to quit at times (very dire situations). When you realize you’re headed down the wrong path, it’s okay to pivot. It’s suggested.
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Take advantage of your time. Follow your plan. That's my motto. I'm an entrepreneur from birth who has tons of philosophical thoughts.

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